Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update - Adding data from the cloud: What are your top priorities?

We're making rapid progress on Zekira in two areas: fixing the remaining bugs that our testers found in beta five, and adding more data sources.  In this note I'll update you on our status, and I also have some questions about which cloud information you'd like added to your index.

Let's start with the cloud data.  The current beta of Zekira indexes information stored on your computer, but we've always planned to reach out to the cloud to index the information you have there as well. We've started implementing that in the next Zekira beta.  Twitter is coming first, followed closely by gMail.  If all goes well, the next beta of Zekira will index your Tweets and gMail messages, and perhaps some other cloud information as well.

Here's a little peek at what Twitter integration looks like.  Tweets are included in your message index.  You can click to find addresses and hashtags the same as you would any other word. 


We'd like your help in prioritizing our cloud features and the way they work; there are three questions below.  We'd be very grateful if you could read through the questions and share your thoughts.  You can post a comment here, or send an e-mail to contactus (at) zekira (dot) com

1. Here's a list of web information sources we can add to Zekira.  Which ones are most important to you?
   Google calendar/contacts
   Google Docs
   IMAP e-mail
   Other web e-mail (please specify)
   Something else?

Some web services generate an enormous volume of information. Please help us think about what you'd want to index from those sources.  Do you want everything, or will that be overwhelming?  Specifically...

2. If you're interested in Facebook integration, which types of information do you most want added to your index?  Private messages?  Status updates?  Wall posts?  Comments?  Photos?  Chat sessions? Do you want to index only the things you send, or also things you receive from friends?

3. If you're interested in Twitter integration, which types of messages would you like indexed?  Direct messages?  Tweets that mention you?  All tweets you send?  All tweets from everyone you follow, or tweets only from specific accounts?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Status update.  We're working in parallel on two things: the web services integration I mentioned above, and fixing issues that people identified in the current beta.  We're no longer hearing many concerns about the speed of indexing; if you're testing Zekira and still have worries about that, let me know.  For now we're focusing on improving the speed at which Zekira loads (a big index can take a long time to start up) and fixing a variety of bugs and UI tweaks that our testers identified.  Probably the most common comment we've received is that people are confused by the Connections slider, so we're revising that.

We deeply appreciate your support; you're helping to make Zekira a better product.